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My opinion on Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas: The film begins in a middle of a forest and we see 6 trees that have very distanced doors that represent each holiday and lead into different worlds of those particular holidays as told by use through the narrator Patrick Stewart. We then cut to one of the tree doors in the shape of a Jack O Lantern as it opens and immediately it starts off with a musical song. The famous song "This is Halloween" is an introduction into to the most bizarre characters and their personalities as well as the town of Halloween itself and how its operated and your instantly sucked into their world. I think the song illustrates that these characters I assume have done this for decades or even probably centuries, and what I like about this particular song is that maybe these creatures aren't exactly what they seem in their own world as opposed to the human world, the line "Life's no fun without a good scare, that's our job but we're not mean in our town of Halloween" helps us have different perspective of what monsters under the bed might be like, it does back to the phrase "Never judge a book by its cover." We see Vampires, Witches, a Werewolf and a lot of other creatures are preparing for the festivities for the arrival of Jack Skellington The Pumpkin King as the song begins to close to an end, he's basically the most frightening thing to ever be witnessed dead or alive and is the go to guy when it comes to bringing new ideas for their holiday tradition/celebration and they chime in and make the plans work and really it gives you a sense of being in a community despite the fact that's it's being run by ghoulish creatures. 

But there's something wrong with Jack, as we cut to him in a graveyard and calls his Ghostdog named Zero. He then sing a song (Jack's Lament) describing how much of what he's capable of just how terrifying he can actually be, but it seems that he's grown disinterested and bored with the Halloween tradition and the way things have been running for years, deep into his empty bones he longing for something else but does know what it is or where to find it or even how to find it. If he were to tell anyone he'd worry that they wouldn't be able to understand to point of view and that being put on a higher petistol isn't what is cracked up to be. But it's never that simple because if he were to leave everything he'd feel he's letting his town's people down but he also wants to be happy, so he's caught in a dilemma he can't get himself out of. One of my favorite scenes is Jack walking down the spiral hill almost as if it's coming to life and in a way actually the town of Halloween itself is also a character based on some of the architecture and how the creatures interact in their surroundings. As Jack sings, Sally is also at the graveyard and listens in on Jack's dilemma. She understands where he's coming from, the feeling of emptiness with no way of escaping.

So then we cut to Sally who is a living Rag Doll made by Dr. Finkelstein, whenever she has the chance she sneaks out but not without slipping deadly night shade into whatever her creator eats as illustrated in the beginning of the film where we met Sally. Jack continues to contemplate as him and Zero walk into the woods. Later in the morning the Mayor comes to Jack's house to discuss future Halloween plans, but there was no answer, the Mayor and the town's people begin to grow suspicious knowing that Jack has been gone for several hours. As thats going on Jack continues to wander through the woods he discovers a different part of the woods and notices the tree doors we saw at the very beginning of the film. But there is one tree door that immediately grabs his attention which has a shape of a Christmas Tree. So out of curiosity he opens the door to look inside but nothing happens, though seconds later he gets sucked in and when he's entered into the unknown world he takes a glance and is absolutely awe struck of what he witnesses. We then get tuned into another song sequence (What's This?!) as Jack is like a child in a play store, literally everything around him has him curious the people, the buildings, the toy the decorations, and just by the atmosphere of this town has him enthusiastic, it's like a breath of fresh air to him. Although it really isn't that much different from Jack's own Halloween world, there a few similarities, both worlds have a real good sense of being a great community and both those worlds have very welcoming citizens and seem to be very cheerful well for the most part, the only difference is this new world it isn't as dreary, gloomy, or grostesgue, we see Elfs throwing snowballs instead of heads the people are more  except in this wor Jack then comes across a sign that reads Christmastown the name of the town that he's in and suddenly sees a figure from a distant who people in this town call Santa Clause.

Jack Skellington then returns back to his own world with some stuff he brought from Christmastown and calls for a town meeting with the citizens of Halloweentown. Everyone gathers for the town meeting including Sally who of course snuck out and Jack come up in stage to explain were he's been all day starting off with another song (Town Meeting Song) describing what he's found in the world called Christmastown, he reveals to them a Christmas Tree with some presents and are instantly curious, although Jack tries to explain to them the people just can't seem to grasp the concept of what Jack is explaining to them, they keep associating this new stuff to Halloween and there completely different, but it isn't their fault of not understanding, the way they operate in their own world is what they've been use to for years and to see Christmas stuff of course they aren't gonna immediately comrprehend the any of the Christmas things new because they've never been expose to that kind of stuff and never even knew a place like that even exists until it was acknowledged by Jack, and to an extant he himself doesn't even comprehend the concept of Christmastown and how it works. Jack then tells a little story about Santa Clause or "Sandy Claws" as the people call him in Halloweentown to get the crowd excited although he's still just giving more misconpeptions.

So after the town meeting he's in his room figuring the "true" meaning of what Christmas is about. So the next morning he visits Dr. Finklestein to borrow some aquipment to conduct some experiments. As Jack returns to his home he begins his experiments but there's no such luck of him getting any results. There's even a moment where Jack makes a Snowflake but instead it comes out a a Spider in a Spirderweb which I found kind of humorous. He's been working in these experiments all night but nothing. Sally takes notice of this and gives Jack a piece offering, it's clear that she has strong feelings for Jack but lately he's preoccupied with this whole Christmas thing. As Sally sits by the gate she picks up a dead flower and begins to pluck the flower and something magical happens as the dead flower has now changed into a little Christmas Tree, but really it's a preminision of what's to come. Later in the morning Jack is still locked up in his home as he sings (Jack's Obsession) baffled as ever having figuring out putting the pieces of what's the meaning of Christmas. But eventually he comes to his own conclusion that maybe their isn't any hidden meanings and that Christmas is whatever he makes it to be, he announces to everybody that they will celebrate Christmas this year and they cheer. 

Later everyone waits in line for advice from Jack to help make Christmas, Jack recruits 3 mischievous little children named Lock, Shock, and Barrel for a top secret mission to bring Santa Clause into their world, although they sing a song (Kidnap The Sandy Claws) about planning their own hidden agendas of what they will do to Santa. Either take him to Oogie Boogie who is the ruthless creature in their world or maybe just torture him for fun. I think this illustrates maybe not everyone in the town of Halloween is as welcoming as some might be so there's definitely some corruption within their world as opposed to the town of Christmas where almost everyone in that world is very welcoming. Later that night as Jack helps everyone get ready for their very first celebration of Christmas Sally comes in and tries to warn Jack about her preminision, but Jack is so blindsighted within his spirit of Christmas that he doesn't heed any of her warnings. We then get another song (Making Christmas) describing everyone working together preparing for the festivities as though they were getting ready for Halloween, and what's funny is that their decorations aren't very different from their original Halloween decorations so their still a lot of misconceptions going on. We see a Duck with sharp teeth and bullet holes, presents wrapped with a spider bow, and hat made out of Bat skin. And you know the thing is none of these people really mean to cause any harm or to frighten anybody these creatures are simply just wanting to celebrating the Christmas spirit but they're just celebrating it the only way that they know how. Jack steps outside and is in awe struck of his own vision coming to life and has never felt this much joy and it might be the first time in so long that he was truly happy. As the song comes to a close they prep the sleigh and the skeleton reindeers are ready to take flight. So as Santa is ready to deliver some presents he the doorbell rings he answers it and sees Lock, Shock, and Barrell as they bag him. We then cut to Sally pleading to Jack to listen to her warning but Jack is still preoccupied, he sees The Boggie's Boys come back with Santa in the giant bag. He comes out of the bag and everyone is in shock seeing the real life Santa Clause in person, Santa opens his eyes and wonders where he is. The way they shot Santa's point of view to me always seemed he was caught into a terrible nightmare with no way of waking up. What I kind interesting is that both Jack and Santa have had a glimpse of each of their own different dimensions and that Jack first saw Santa's world as colorful, warming, and full of light, while Santa's first viewing of Jack's world is more of a hellish nightmare with no way of waking up. But neither is these characters understand how each of their others worlds work as Santa is being halted away to Oogie Boogie and questions his minions about peace on Earth and good will towards men. We then cut to Sally devising a plan to stop Jack while she sees Dr. Finklestein creating another being which I will get to later at the end of the film. Meanwhile Santa is being forced down a pipe leading him to Oogie Boogie as he sings a song (Oogie Boogie Song) about who he is and what he's gonna do to Santa. Oogie likes to gamble with people's lives before he kills or eats them but the thing is with Oogie Boogie is he cheats when things don't go well to his own favor so he doesn't always play fair.

Everyone gathers around for the celebration while Sally pure Fog Juice into the water fountain. As Jack is about ready to take flight the fog starts to grow fast that it becomes too misty for the skeleton reindeers to see within an inch of their noses, Jack is saddened by this as everyone else is. But then Zero comes to him and Jack notices something about Zero, his Jack O Lantern nose is bright enough to lead the way for him and the reindeers so Jack put Zero as the head of the team, a clear wink to the audience of the story of Rudolph: The Red Nose Reindeer. Sally is then devistated and she sings (Sally's Song) of her fears of what will come to Jack and the citizens of Halloween. As much as she understands his pain and that he just wants to be happy she's still has her doubts, and she even questions will he ever acknowledge her love she has for him. I think the song illustrates Sally as character representation of oppression, she has to poison her creator and sneak out of her house just to go  places or events she never allowed to attend, she's constantly being controlled by Dr. Finklestein and she has no free will of her own. And I think what I got from that she's learn to oppress certain feelings she has, mostly towards Jack Skellington, and you start to feel sad because of just the sense of hopelessness and it's very dark and depressing.

Jack rides off into the night to deliver the presents, he then lands on the first house he spots and makes a noise that wakes up a little boy and assumes it's Santa. The boy runs down stairs and is caught by an unpleasant surprise of a Skeleton man dressed as Santa. Jack gives the boy a present as he takes off, the boy's parents come downstairs and ask their son what Santa brought him, the boy opens the present and finds a shrunken head and the parents freak out. Since then there have been a number of complaints to the police about being attacked by Christmas toys as they believe this was done by the works of an imposter destroying their holiday which causes them to take military action.

Sally gets wind of this from looking through the Witch's pot and goes out to find Santa Clause. While that's going on the military men switch on their search lights and load their tanks to take down the imposter, the military commence firing but Jack thinks their congratulating him on spreading his Christmas cheer not knowing that they are trying to kill him. We then cut back to Oogie Boogie's lair as Sally attempts to distract him so she can rescue Santa, failing she also gets captured by Oogie Boogie. Back into the human world Jack and his reindeer head higher in the night sky although one of the searchlights spots him and the military shoot him down, Jack's sleigh blows up and he begins plumiting to the ground. The town's people witness this and assume he's dead, the Mayor breaks the bad news to everyone that Jack Skellington I'd dead. The human world is also delivered with bad news that there's no trace of Santa Clause and that they have to cancel Christmas. What I got out of watching the scenes of Jack portraying Santa Clause is that it's somewhat reminiscent of Dr. Seuss's How The Grinch Stole Christmas. The only differences are that both The Grinch and Jack Skellington both have different intentions and both outcomes of that are reversed. The Grinch wanted to destroy Christmas by stealing presents, food, and decorations but people were still able to celebrate the holidays regardless, while Jack wanted to bring his own Christmas cheer with the best intentions but the outcome of that leaves everyone feeling extremely sad and creates a very bleak scenario for everyone for not just the human world, but the Christmas world and the Halloween world as well as Jack Skellington when he realizes the damage he's done as we cut to him singing (Poor Jack) about how he failed everybody including himself as we see him on top of a statue of an angel in a cemetery where his sleigh crashed landed. But he also ecknowledged of how he nearly did the impossible flying through the sky and leaving new tales to tell, it's at that moment when he fully embraced who he was truly was meant to be The Pumpkin King which kind of inspires him to bring in new and terrifying ideas and be more creative with them, but there one little thing he has to fix first, save Santa Clause.

Jack and Zero rush to Oogie Boogie's lair to rescue Santa and Sally, Oogie Boogie attempts nearly almost kills them but in a mid second Jack saves them. Both Jack and Oogie have a showdown as Oogie sets up these elaborate traps. But Jack manages to escape them, he finally defeats Oogie Boogie by pulling a loose string and a pile of bugs fall down into the lava. Jack then apologizes to Santa for nearly destroying his Holiday and Santa tells Jack that Sally is the one person that has sense in this town and that he should listen to her more often which goes back to Jack never having to acknowledge any of her warning and how Sally truly feels about him. So as Santa leaves the Mayor and Oogie's ex-henchman find Jack alive. Just in the nick of time Jack and Santa were able fix the holidays and set thing back to the way things were. So after that everyone gathers around to find Jack Skellington alive and well. Then out of nowhere it starts snowing which has never happened in their world, guess they were able to have a Merry Christmas in the end, we see creatures making snow angles, playing hockey with a pumpkin, and throwing snowballs. And what I got from watching that scene was that it's nice to have traditions but there's always room for something new for a change and that sometimes there can be exceptions to the rule. So after that Sally then walks to the spiral hill and Jack follows, we see Sally curiously pick a dead and begins to pick the pebble until Jack arrives and offers to join by her side and both realize they're meant to be together and we end the film, what I saw in that particular scene when she's picking the pebbles from the flower was that maybe it was gonna end up another preminision, but as she put the flower down I think she realizes that maybe its sometimes best not to know every single outcome of the future and that everything isn't set in stone.

A few things watching the film is that it's mostly about discovery and rediscovery either good and bad. Here's what I mean, Jack Skellington has grown bored if Halloween ways and yearns for something different, he goes into a different part of the woods and find a door way to another world and discovers Christmastown and tells the town people of this new world. Sally picks a flower and pulls pebbles off of it and becomes a Christmas tree but then it bursts into flames and Sally discovers this premonition of what's to comes and tries to warn Jack about it. Jack tries to spread his own Christmas cheer but discovers that maybe it just wasn't meant to co-exist the way that he wanted it to, but later rediscovers his roots and embraces his thrown as The Pumpkin King. As Jack rescues Santa he's able to discovers his love her Sally. And in the near end of the film the creatures discover that it's snowing which is really new in their world. 

There's one thing I haven't really talked about a lot, the animation. The animation goes back to those stop motion Christmas specials played on television and they still hold up to this day even though it was made over 20 years ago. You really get sucked in to the world with its distinctive designs and characters almost as makes you forget your watching a claymation film. Also the songs in this film are truly remarkable because they they aren't just songs, they serve a purpose to the story and represents how some of the characters are like and tells us some of the characters thoughts, feelings, motives, and objectives each song has a point of being put in the film when it's needed.

  A few facts to throw out, originally it was made as a peon by Tim Burton and wanted to make it into a film but Disney at the time wasn't up for the idea.

Henry Selick ( who directed James and The Giant Peach, Monkeybone, and Coraline) directed this for those who don't know, Tim Burton couldn't direct it because he was busy directing Batman Returns.

At the time this film was released it didn't get as much good reviews now in this day in age it's considered a timeless classic and it is, it was way ahead of its time in my opinion.

So overall, I like this film a lot better than when I first saw it and I liked this film even back when I first saw it, I'm always finding new things whenever I watch this film. I watch it almost each year on the month of either September or October. In fact most of the artwork I've done in the past I took inspiration from this film. I'll give this film an A. It's definitely worth viewing for Tim Burton fans and fans of animation.
After watching Snowpiercer on Netflix I got so mad that there wasn't a theater near my area that played this film and regretted not watching it sooner, that being said I absolutely loved this film, it's about a post-apocalyptic world where mostly very little sign of life on Earth, and that one of the few survivors are on board a train. As I was watching the film it got me thinking what if there where a post-apocalyptic world, how would it truly effect us as human beings, would we try to become better than what we once where or become a lot more worse, would people resort to taking a life of an innocent to survive, how would religion play a part in society a post apocalyptic earth, would there be any religion at all, all these questions really had me extremely curious. The film is so entertaining yet so bleak, one of my favorite parts of the film was Chris Evans because you can just see the pain in his eyes, the drive, the desperation. Me I'm a sucker for apocalyptic type films and in my opinion I believe this is one of the best and the best I've seen Chris Evans since Captain America, if you haven't seen this film watch it, it's still available on Netflix.
I'm gonna say, I really enjoyed The Babadook, it isn't so much The Babadook that creeped me out but how it effects both Amelia (The Mother) and Samuel (The Son). Somewhere in the middle I began to think that there really wasn't any Babadook and that it was all in there head, from that I assumed that she herself was The Babadook, I don't wanna get too much into it just to avoid spoilers to those who haven't seen it yet but the story mostly deals with themes of grief, having to overcome loss, and depression. I know some might not enjoy it as much but I liked it for what it is, also I might actually make a Babadook drawing inspired from the film.
You know what I find funny, most of the reviews I've watched have complained that there wasn't enough Godzilla or monster fighting, and then they saw Age of Extinction and were complaining they were bored to death with the action scenes and they a lot of load obnoxious noises, so I guess now we know why Gareth Edwards (Director of Godzilla 2014) cut out those fight scenes because he probably knew the audience would might be kinda bored with them eventually somehow, and it would come off as tedious so he figured he would tease them enough and draw out the excitement for the monster battle in the climax of the film, so if anything this makes me like the Godzilla film even more, I respect the director on taking that bold approach, although some of the human elements weren't as strong as it could've been but at least they weren't dumb and annoying and I'm looking forward to the sequel.
I really enjoyed Godzilla 2014 despite some scenes that were cut off like the Hawaii scene when Godzilla first meets the MUTO creature also not enough of the Big G also Bryan Cranston's character having to be killed off too soon. But one other thing I noticed from watching Godzilla is that he doesn't really cause much damage, it's mostly from the MUTOs. Also they made it seem like Godzilla is some sort of "hero" at the end of the film, but really Godzilla could care less about humans he only seems to save them out of strange coincidences, plus we really don't know if we can trust him, he's still an animal and sometimes animals can be unpredictable. So here's my theory on the sequel maybe since they portray Godzilla as an animal perhaps he obsorbs so much nuclear energy and becomes more powerful that it somehow starts to alter his behavior towards his surroundings and could mean the humans, the nuclear energy could drive him mad which would cause him to wreak havoc upon whatever city he'll be in like how an animal would react to a certain chemical. Or since he's portrayed as a restorer of balance maybe he'll target the humans next because to him we are on his territory, maybe the MUTOs were only the beginning you know just something to make a little more threatening, I think that's also how Godzilla is played in the Heisei Series from him saving the humans from another monster or he himself killing humans but really none of us know what Gareth Edwards will bring to the sequel but I can only speculate though I am excited for sequel I think it has good potential for one, he can take what didn't work in this film and improve it on the sequel, just have to what for more details to surface. 
I'm so sick to death of people complaining about Godzilla not being in suitmation, right off the bat since it was announced Legendary was gonna make Godzilla already I knew he was gonna be CGI, and all of these other complaints about how Godzilla looks, "oh he looks like a fat ass", his head is too small" and all that other crap, this is an American production so of course they would go the route of using CGI so deal with it, just as long as it looks convincing enough then I'm fine with it,of course it won't look 100% realistic because our eyes are trained to notice how something might look, and I don't mean to say that I praise all of the works of CGI, I stand to this day that my favorite Godzilla suit out of the rest is the original 1954 suit because of the texture and the color of the suit, almost 9 years ago Peter Jackson made a remake of King Kong and to me how they made Kong look and move was remarkable so I've been having hope that one day Godzilla would make a comeback after the disaster that was Zilla, ugh that was the movie that divided the Godzilla fans of which Godzilla was better and what aggravates me personally is that people are comparing the Gareth Edwards's Godzilla and Zilla as the same which clearly they are not. There's just no getting through them, this is NOT a sequel it's a reboot, get that through your skulls. As you can see clearly the trailers they're taking a different much more serious approach that goes back to the 1954 film, I mean this movie hasn't even come out yet and people are already ranting about how they will not like this film. Back to the CGI, yes I'm not against practical effects in fact I favor them over some use of CGI and I'm not a CGI sheep, I love the original Star Wars films because the use of practical effects and were filmed on actual locations instead of on a crappy green screen that make it look like a video game like the last three Godawful films. And I understand that the film might not do good in America but I do hope it's better than Pacific Rim even though I enjoyed it a lot. Even in that film people were expecting suitmation I mean this isn't Power Rangers this was a Big Budget movie. Also the upcoming Godzilla films does looks like it's being filmed on actual locations. We should be lucky that were getting another Godzilla movie in America at all, at least in this reboot Godzilla actually looks like Godzilla with a few minor tweaks, sorry for this long rant but it's just that some of these complaints about the film I just find them absolutely ridiculous, though with all of that aside I am excited for the film.
    Just recently I walked to the theaters to go see Pacific Rim, at first I wasn't that interested from the trailer and I thought it was going to be some generic Cloverfield movie. Months later before it came out I became a bit more curious into watching it, I've seen some of the TV spots but not a lot of it so I wouldn't be spoiled. In the week before it came out I've heard a lot of positive things about the film and that it was and Old School type of Kaiju, a friend of mine ZarelTheWindDragon recommended the film to me because he knows I'm a fan of the Kaiju films and I can get my fix with this film while waiting for next year's Godzilla film. Later I saw a few Featurettes about the film and I began becoming even more excited about it. The first time I went I liked it a lot, the second time I liked it even more, the third I fell in love with the film and it reminded me why I like watching these types of films it even inspired me to draw Godzilla again…. After I walked home from the theaters I started to think is Pacific Rim any different than the Transformer films, I mean Pacific Rim had a huge amount of action with little substance the same with the Transformer films. So I tried analyzing both films and came to this answer and the answer is yes they are completely different from each other. 1 the Transformers don't fight monsters just other robots and 2 in Pacific Rim you are actually invested in the characters and their subplots are actually relevant to the film and they are somewhat explained, it's enough to hold the film without having to go too much into it too long like say Ang Lee's Hulk. The Transformer film focus more on the humans like Pacific Rim but their subplots are not that relevant to the story and you don't really care much about it so you really aren't that invested with the characters and some of the characters are just used for the soul purpose as eye candy. 3 the fight scenes in Pacific Rim have clear focus no shaky cam not too much slow mo, you can clearly tell enough of whats going on. The Transformer films rely on too much things happening all at once and there too overdone that you start to lose focus in what your watching, it's fun to watch for a while but for me it doesn't leave you wanting more. So that's all I have to say about it and definitely buying Pacific Rim when it comes out on DVD, also excited for the upcoming Godzilla film.  

I've been toying with the idea of a Live-Action Batman Series opposite Adam West, just a warning though I really suck at writing stories, well I just suck at writing in general and I rarely write any journal entries but anyway here I am and I'm giving it my best shot again it's not a story it's just me toying with a couple ideas that I've had in mind. Okay, here it goes, in the first season Batman is in his third career in crime fighting. In his third career he comes across some of the famous villains for the very first time such as Joker which Batman first encountered somewhere around his second career of crimefighting when Joker was The Red Hood, Penguin in this series is about as old as Bruce Wayne, in one episode Oswald Cobblepot carries a lot of resentment toward Wayne and his family, the Cobblepot legacy was pretty much in the gutter which was somewhat the motivation of Penguin resorting to crime as having to become the crime boss,there are also a few other villains like Catwoman, Scarface and The Ventriloquist, Man-Bat, Poison Ivy, and Mr. Freeze. There are a few other episodes that really put his skills to the test. In the beginning of the series you just get to see Batman only perform his fighting skills and as the series progress we also get to see how intelligent he is in an episode with The Riddler and another episode when a worker in Arkham Asylum named Jonathan Crane was performing illegal experiments of his patients then later being fired. After that Crane seeks revenge and becomes Scarecrow, when he and Batman are confronted Scarecrow affects him with his fear toxin and Batman starts to hallucinate, later he conveniently stumbles upon where his parents were murdered and causes him to have flashbacks before their deaths it's sorta taken from an episode from BTAS with the same villain, the episode demonstrates how Batman maintains his will power and while still infected by Scarecrow's fear toxin was able to beat him. Harvey Dent was in the first few episodes, his first appearance in the series was with The Riddler and then on. Harvey and Bruce knew each other as very good friends and Harvey was one of Batman's most resourceful allies aside from Lt. James Gordon. Though he had some psychological issues with an abusive Father when he was little, when he was a kid he got into a fight with a bully and almost nearly killed the bully and was at the hospital for weeks. That moment cause Harvey to repress his anger and that was how he developed the whole duel personality. Later on when he became Two-Face it only made the duel personality pushed even further. Batman somehow blames himself for not having him that not only Gotham lost it's "White Knight" Bruce also lost his best friend.

Later somewhere in the middle of the first season Alfred got him tickets for the Haly's Circus and where introduced to Dick Grayson and his parents John and Mary Grayson as The Flying Graysons. Before the Circus event, Mafia boss Tony Zucco threatens the Circus for protection money and Dick witnesses this but the owner throws him out and wasn't given the money so to get back at the Circus he sabotages The Trapeze and that was the moment where The Flying Graysons performed their usual routine without the safety of a net. Something goes wrong and The Graysons plummet to their death and Dick survives. The police later come and Bruce Wayne couldn't bring himself to leave, after watching Dick's perents be killed he saw himself going through the same struggles, Bruce was lucky enough to have Alfred as a Surrogate Father, Dick had no other family other than his parents so Bruce Wayne willing decided to adopt him. He then brings Dick to Wayne Manor though he was still at unease, although it took him a couple weeks to get use to his new home but Bruce was never around with Dick. The killer of Bruce's parent was never brought to justice and it was a burden that he would never allow Dick to carry having his entire life be consumed by revenge, he basically just wants him to live a normal life not to become like him. For weeks he's been looking for Zucco, Batman was extremely pissed and became much more threatening then usual and goes over the edge a little and much more obsessed. Dick later becomes suspicious about were Bruce Wayne goes at night, he later sneaks out of Wayne Manor to search for his killer, he eventually comes across him but so does Batman. Zucco pushes Dick off a ledge and Batman saves him but Dick get upset at Batman for not catching him. Batman later puts a sedative in him and takes him back to Wayne Manor. Later one night Dick sneaks his ways in a secret passage way to The Batcave and realizes that Bruce Wayne is Batman and that he's looking for Zucco and wants to help him but Batman refuses. Dick Grayson actually doesn't become Robin until the first season finale, he again sneaks out of Wayne Manor but he decides to create his own costume. The costume as made of some parts of Batman's costume like the cape except it had yellow on the inside, the gloves also were part of Batman's suit and steals one of his belts. The red vest is actually a kid size leather jacket, the mask is actually cut out light leather. Before his parents were killed his Mother made him a sewn "R" insignia, she mentioned to Dick that when he's out there on the Trapeze he reminds her of a Robin. He then follows Batman to a crime were there's a shot out. Batman later saw Dick as Robin and how he performed in crimefighting as an acrobat while still inexperienced. The criminals were perused but their was an explosion that caused Batman to be pushed into the river from the impact of the explosion, Robin witnesses this and then attempts to save him. Later they both go back to The Batcave in complete silence, though he was somewhat thankful for Dick he was still angry with him for disobeying him and he was still reluctant on staying Dick in as his partner. After having a lot of thought and to take control of the situation he eventually takes Dick Grayson in as his partner, and Dick Grayson becomes Robin in the last episode in the first season as they both became The Dynamic Duo, Batman & Robin.

Again I'm just toying with a few ideas and I just suck at writing, but you know what I gave a shot as best as I could.
I normally don't write a lot of journal entries mostly because I never know what I want to right about, but today I just figured what the heck. I've been curious of the new direction that the studio has been going with the new Superman film coming out and honestly after watching the trailers I want to go see it. It's been 7 years since the last one was in theaters and I found it a bit boring. I grew up more with Batman more than I did with Superman, not that I disliked him I just was more into Batman in my younger days. Though around my junior year in high school I began to grow more respect for Superman, I loved the first 2 Superman films with Christopher Reeve, and also when I began watching Smallville I got even more into Superman. I haven't seen much of Zack Snyder's films only a few like Dawn of the Dead and Watchmen, I tried watching Sucker Punch but I could barely sit through it. I'm not that worried about it though because the new Superman film is being produced by the same people how brought us The Dark Knight Trilogy and I enjoyed watching Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, although The Dark Knight Rises I'm sorta skeptical about but still enjoy watching it. I also want to talk about the cast of the film, nothing can be more epic then to have Kevin Costner play Jonathan Kent, Russel Crowe as Jor-El, Diane Lane as Martha Kent, I thought Amy Adams was an unusual choice as Lois Lane but I've been wrong before. Laurence Fishburne plays the famous Perry White I'm interesting in seeing and also Michael Shannon as General Zod, and of course Henry Cavill as Clark Kent/ Superman he definitely looks like he can do the role well. The only thing I know about him was that he was asked to audition for Batman for the film Batman Begins but aside from that I've never seen any of his other work but in a way it sorta keeps me guessing of what he gonna bring to the role. The Costume I really don't mind so much I like how it looks almost alien like and also like the Superman emblem it has a very unique interesting look. I felt when I saw Superman Returns it was to generic, I really hope Man of Steel does well because from what I saw from the trailers it looks amazing and I believe it has the potential to do well, so those are my thoughts on the Man of Steel movie I only have to wait 6 more months until it's in theaters.